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TurboTax Basic Online Tax Filing Software

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Turbo Tax Basic Software  and Online Tax Filing Provides the Right Choice for you if:

  • TurboTax BasicYou would like to use the import features of the basic edition tax software to simplify your tax preparation process.

  • You work a job with a standard salary or wage and file a basic 1040 form for simple tax return preparation

  • You rent your residence or apartment, or own your home outright so that you don't need to write off mortgage interest.

With TurboTax Basic Online Tax Filing you can rest assured that your tax preparation process will be a worth while experience that won't stress you out. With a fully guided one step at a time format, TurboTax walks you through the whole process

The added import features of the Basic Edition are a great way to save time with your online tax preparation and insure accuracy at the same time. Avoid typo mistakes with the import features to avoid tax refund delays...

TurboTax Basic Online Edition Features:

  • Import Financial Data: With the TurboTax Basic Edition you can import data directly from ItsDeductible and other sources, no need to cut and paste this year.

  • Automatically import W–2 and 1099 data: Get your W-2 and 1099 data imported directly from over 400,000 participating financial institutions and employers. TurboTax automatically imports this data and places it on the right forms for tax filing. A summary allows you to review and edit downloaded information to make any necessary changes.

  • Import Last Year’s Tax Form Data: No need to retype your commonly use tax data. TurboTax imports your identification information and other data that can be transferred from previous year returns to fill in your current years return which helps save time and increase accuracy. See what you’re importing and where it goes on your new years tax return.

You can reduce entry errors and save time by using the TurboTax Basic Edition for importing information from several financial software programs including, Quicken or QuickBooks, or from institutions like brokerage firms and payroll providers that have partnered with TurboTax to provide import features to their clients.

Importing Quicken Data

  • You can import Quicken data directly into TurboTax Basic CD/Download software for Windows. However, importing from Quicken 2010 or earlier, or to import into software for Mac, you will need to convert the data to a (.txf) tax exchange format.

  • TurboTax Basic Online, TurboTax Business, and TurboTax for iPad do not import Quicken.

Importing QuickBooks Data

  • You can import QuickBooks data into Download / CD software versions of TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business and TurboTax Business for Windows.

  • TurboTax Business 2013 only imports from Download / CD versions of QuickBooks 2007–2014.

TurboTax Downloads and CD installation versions (except TurboTax Business) imports from any program that creates .txf files, like Quicken Rental Property Manager. If existing data conflicts with the data being imported, you may skip the import or replace the existing data.

TurboTax Basic Online and TurboTax for Windows software imports tax-related forms (such as 1099-B and 1099-INT) from Mint.com accounts.

TurboTax Imports From Participating Financial Institutions:

You can update or delete imported data but keep in mind that the information in your tax return may no longer match the original data source which may cause confusion on reviews or audits. It is recommended that you update the information in your financial program before importing.

You may re-import the information if you imported before changes (be sure to select the replace option when prompted after you've updated it in your financial program).


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With the TurboTax Basic Edition you can cut down on trivial processes to save time.

The import features that come with this upgrade allow you to automatically fill in existing data by importing from several sources instead of hand typing every bit of information manually.

Tax time and tax preparation is never an easy instant process but, with this import feature there  is no doubt you will be saving some time, and increasing accuracy on your income tax preparation process.

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