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TurboTax can help you calculate your tax return refund, or taxes owed to determine your tax liability to the IRS. The TurboTax TaxCaster calculator is a great tool to estimate your federal IRS tax amount online the easy way, or by using their smart phone app so will know what your obligation is to Uncle Sam...

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Here is a list of some items required for accurate tax calculations:

TurboTax Online Tax FilingFor the best results It is suggested that you calculate tax refund or liability with the tax calculator that is available through the TurboTax Tax Calculators online tax service service that your preparing your federal income tax return with since all of your information will be in one place and the tax calculations will be more accurate with these full feature calculators.

Top choices for online tax calculation services include TurboTax and H&R Block. These two brands pretty much rule the online tax preparation and filing network by supplying very user friendly and affordable online tax preparation.

With TaxCaster from TurboTax you can calculate your tax return refund income tax liability anytime of year to see if you need to make an adjustment in paycheck withholdings. Too little paid in could result in a larger taxes due bill come tax season, and possible underpayment penalties.

Too much paid in will put that extra cash in Uncle Sam's pocket so that he gets all the interest earned on your overpayment instead of you. In this case it may be wise to lower your tax withholdings so that you get to collect that interest and end up with more cash for yourself in each paycheck.

Another good reason to calculate your tax return refund prior to preparing your tax return is to relieve the stress and anxiety that may be lingering due to the unknown. TurboTax TaxCaster can help you do just that.

Not knowing what your tax obligation is can weigh heavy on your sanity. Use a tax refund calculator to remove that uncertainty so you can focus on meeting your tax liability obligation.

For those who are planning to itemize deductions, it can be difficult for you to know what income tax deductions you may be able to qualify since each deduction has its own set of requirements to qualify.

TurboTax TaxCaster helps you with the task of claiming tax deductions without using a quality tax preparation program. Thos can be very confusing and you may find yourself missing some valuable deductions that could cost you some substantial savings on your tax bill. Use a top rated program that guarantees accurate calculation and you biggest refund!

Calculate Tax Brackets & Rates

Your tax bracket is determined by your last dollar earned for the tax year. However your tax rate is actually a variable of all tax rates up to your last dollar earned as each tax rate portion is added together to give you your overall taxes due or refund amount.

As your income increases into each tax bracket, that portion of income falling within the next tax bracket is taxed at that higher tax bracket rate. It is then added to the previous tax calculations from the lower tax brackets to determine overall tax liability.

To recap: you are applying different tax rates to each income portion falling within each tax bracket then adding this total together to determine what your tax liability will be.