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TurboTax IRS eFile Payment Options Debit and Credit Card Rate

Online Tax Filing

With TurboTax and their IRS affiliation they are officially a e-file and e-pay service provider. Provided below is the phone number and service provided, along with fees charged.

TurboTax and the IRS Allow You To Pay by Debit or Credit Card when you E-file

Additional eFile Payment Options

With TurboTax, the integrated e-file and e-pay program allows debit and credit card payment options that are available through several tax preparation software products as well as some tax preparation professionals (CPA's).

IRS eFile Payment Feature Options / Restrictions

Credit Card Bulk Provider Requirements

TurboTax IRS Efile Payment SystemThe convenience of using your tax preparation software or your tax professional to access the debit/credit card payment option offers a simplified tax payment submission system.

Plus, you can file early, then make a payment by debit/credit card once the tax filing deadline approaches. Remember, even if you're filing a tax extension, all taxes owed are still due by the April tax filing deadline.

Need to file an income tax extension? If you pay your estimated taxes owed by the tax filing deadline using a debit or credit card, you are not required to file a tax extension form 4868, your payment acts as an extension.

The credit/debit card payment option is only available through TurboTax if you e-file your federal return. However, you can avoid paying the convenience fee for debit card payment by using direct debit, a free payment option.

How to make a credit or debit card payment if your not e-filing

There is no credit/debit card IRS payment option in TurboTax if you selected the paper-filing option, However, there is a work around method to accomplish this if needed.

  1. In TurboTax, select the I will mail a check option when asked how you want to pay your taxes owed
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to print a paper filing copy of your return
  3. Discard the 1040-V voucher that prints out
  4. Go to the IRS webpage Pay Your Taxes by Debit or Credit Card,
  5. Choose a payment processor
  6. Pay your taxes owed through the secure website

Note: A convenience fee is (charged by a third-party payment processor) for payments made with plastic. If you plan to pay your with your debit card, consider IRS Direct Pay, the free payment option.