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Tax Preparation Software


Choosing the right income tax preparation software for preparing and filing your tax return can be a daunting task. Wading through all the brands of tax software that litter the internet can be more confusing than enlightening for most of us. Help is here!


Fortunately, as our reviews have shown, there are two top contenders that stay far ahead of the field every year when it comes to consumer satisfaction and biggest refund guarantees. Best Software Choices >


What YOU should be looking for in your software:


Today's top rated online tax preparation software is far more robust and user friendly that those cumbersome editions of days gone by. The best programs now guide you every step of the way with easy to follow formatting that quickly eliminates unnecessary sections that don't apply to your filing needs. The end result is a much quicker and easier process that makes preparing your own return a breeze.


On top of simplifying the preparation process, these top choices help you calculate your tax return and increase your refund amount by searching through over 350 deductions that you may be able to qualify for. With this, you get educated quite well on how to better prepare for more deductions on future returns. Knowledge is king, and it saves you big $$$.

Compare tax return programs below to determine which consumer rated product you should buy to prepare your form 1040 filing this year.

Free Tax Preparation Software

Free tax prep is a option for consumer filing on simple tax returns that don't require special forms or import capabilities. Top ranking programs work well in these situations and usually include free efiling along with the free federal tax preparation. TurboTax Free Edition, H&R Block Free Edition.


Several factors need to be considered when your deciding whether or not to use one of the free editions to prepare your return for filing.

  • These tax preparation software free editions are limited to simple returns that don't require support for special forms that could be necessary to complete your return. Some examples are:

    Investments like rental properties, stock market and real estate.

  • Education and Medical deduction forms.

    If your looking to claim and take advantage of tax benefits for school and medical expenses you may need to upgrade to an edition that can help get those benefits.

  • No import capabilities to import w2 data , previous years personal data and employer wages. Import features are available on upgrade editions like Deluxe, Premium and Premier editions.

Getting the right software program for your tax preparation needs is crucial to ensuring you a stress free tax filing experience.


Best Online Tax Preparation Software

There are many software brands on the market, but, as you may know, the best of the best - TurboTax #1 and H&R Block #2 continue to lead the pack by a huge margin in customer satisfaction. As market statistics show, these tax preparation software brands easily have the most fully developed products on the market today. This is supported by the fact that they both guarantee you the biggest refund or you money back!


HR Block Tax Preparation SoftwareNow you can find the best discount sales, and review the top software products here to determine which one will work best for your tax return preparation this year.


I'm not big on paying more taxes, and I have used many software brands in the past to file my returns but, these two are all I consider anymore.


They both import data from each others editions which makes it easy to switch if you feel the need. Plus you can be assured your getting the most fully developed software along with the best support to make filing a breeze from beginning to end.


Tax time is stressful enough with Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder, so why would you want to add to that with inferior less developed brands. You can find cheaper but you wont find better, so there's no doubt you will pay one way or another. I have found that I would rather pay more up front for a better product than pay later in stress and confusion.


TurboTax Tax Preparation Software


Try one of these top rated product brands today and see for yourself how informative and intuitive these products have become. They both start with a interview process that is formatted to tailor itself to your personal filing needs, eliminating areas of tax preparation that don't pertain to your filing situation. Get the best income tax preparation software...


Why waste time you could be using to do what you want for yourself. It just doesn't make sense to spend that time with inferior software preparing your tax return for Uncle Sam...




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