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TurboTax Software Downloads and CD's

Locating your TurboTax Software Download for Windows on your Computer

The easiest  way to keep track of your Windows TurboTax Download on your computer is to save it to your Desktop so that you can easily find it.

Otherwise, you should be able to easily find it by searching for its file name with an .exe extension.

  • Use the (w_turbotax) term to search for TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, as well as Home & Business download editions on your computer.

  • For TurboTax Business Edition – Search for a file names (w_turbotax_bpm)

  • With the TurboTax State Editions you will need to search for a file  with your state in it (w_state) replace "state" with the name of the state software that you downloaded. Example, search for w_michigan to find your TurboTax Michigan state tax software download.

    • Note: for multi-word state names, separate words with an underscore (_). Example, search for (w_new_jersey) to find your TurboTax New Jersey state tax software download.

Locating your TurboTax Software Download for Mac Apple Computers

Again you should save it to your desktop so that you can locate your Mac TurboTax Download file. Otherwise, you can also search for its filename:

  • Use the (m_turbotax) term to search for TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business downloaded files on your computer

  • To locate TurboTax State downloads, search for the term (m_state) with the word "state" replace by the name of your state. Example, search for m_wisconsin to find your TurboTax Wisconsin state tax software download.

    • To search for multi-word state names, again separate the words with an underscore (_). Example, search for (m_north_carolina) to find your TurboTax North Carolina state tax software download.

TurboTax Download and CD Installation Software Versions

The TurboTax Downloadable and CD Software Versions offer solutions to those that don't always have internet connections when they want to work on their tax return.

Once you have purchased a downloadable version of your TurboTax tax software choice from turbotax.com, you are allowed to re-download it as many times as you need for up to 3 years after the purchase date. To do this, simply:

  • Sign in to your TurboTax account and re-download the product you previously purchased.

  • To install your downloaded version

    • Windows instructions |

    • Mac instructions◦(Windows)

  • If you get Unknown file type warning when attempting to install you software, right-click the downloaded file and choose Rename, then add the .exe extension to the end of the file name and press Enter. You should be able to proceed with the installation after that.

Download time varies based on the edition you purchased and speed of your internet connection. It is recommend that you use a wired broadband connection when downloading your TurboTax CD/Download software file for speed advantages.

The table below shows the estimated download times based on connection and file type.


File Size




Mac: TurboTax
86 MB

5 min, 35 sec

7 min, 25 sec

5 hrs, 41 min

Mac: TurboTax
22 MB*

1 min, 25 sec

1 min, 53 sec

1 hr, 27 min

Win: TurboTax
84 MB

5 min, 28 sec

7 min, 15 sec

5 hrs, 33 min

Win: TurboTax
26 MB*

1 min, 45 sec

2 min, 14 sec

1 hr, 43 min

Note: Please understand that these estimated times are based on connection speeds of 2.048 Mbps for cable, 1.544 Mbps for DSL, and 33.6 Kbps for dial-up.

Depending on your service your actual connection speed may be faster or slower. You can use the Internet to "test connection speeds". A good site for this is Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test  that will help you determine your actual connection speed.

State file sizes and download times vary. Times given are based on the largest state program.

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