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Compare TurboTax to TaxAct Online 2018 - 2019 Tax Return Preparation

TaxACT is clearly becoming a bigger competitor to TurboTax and H&R Block. With TaxAct, the mid level products support all IRS forms and schedules that are available to be electronically filed with the IRS. Plus, it does come at a lower cost.

How TaxAct Stacks Up To The Competition

Comparing different tax software brands will always hold many variables due to radical differences in the way each of these programs are formatted.

TaxACT distinguishes itself in it's own style based on the mechanics that guide you through the tax return preparation process.

TaxACT directs users through a wizard-like interview process designed to simplify the tax preparation completion task by eliminating what is not needed for your tax filing requirements.

TaxACT strategically collects Form 1040 details in a similar manner to TurboTax as needed based on the answers you provide while you move through the tax filing process. You can supply your user name, password, and Social Security number from a previous use to save time by importing relevant data. TaxACT can even import data from PDF formats of your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ tax returns.

Maneuvering Through The TaxAct Interface

The TaxACT user interface is not as stylized and chummy as our other brands reviewed here, but it is still a user friendly and functional format. That said, it looks and feels like the navigation system will work well for most consumers that venture into using this software brand.

This years software form TaxACT shows the screens have been tweaked a little to make navigation more streamline. In addition, The import tools are more flexible and able to adapt with more diversity.

Regardless of usability, the low-cost products are much more affordable than TurboTax and are all-inclusive and well-designed with the capability to simplify personal tax preparation for individuals and families.

Once your initial information has been supplied, the TaxACT Life Events tool identifies in-depth information with advice that will help taxpayers determine how different life changing scenarios will impact your tax return.

TaxAct tends to displays a lengthy series of screens that identify what information will be required in the tax return preparation steps along the way. This is somewhat similar to how TurboTax guides you along.

As taxpayers advance through this multitude of screens, your answers will trigger all of the necessary calculations needed to complete the tax filing process.

TurboTax vs TaxAct Tax Return Preparation Software

Compare the TaxAct online product line to select what best fits your tax filing needs and situation.

TaxAct Free Tax Return Preparation

Ideal for simple tax return, includes free state (1040 EZ/A)

TaxAct Basic Tax Return Preparation

Import prior years data, unlimited phone support (1040 EZ/A

TaxAct Plus / Deluxe Tax Return Preparation

Good choice for itemized returns, homeowners and investors

TaxAct Premium Tax Return Preparation

Perfect for self-employed, contractors and freelancers ...