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TurboTax Freedom Edition

More than 36 million tax returns have been completed and filed through the TurboTax Freedom Edition in the last 13 years. This free tax filing program is generally available around mid-January for those who qualify. It's a great no-cost tax filing solution for low income individuals and families.

The Intuit corporation and the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation are sponsors of the Intuit TurboTax Freedom Project which is in partnership with the Free File Alliance (FFA), a service of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help low income filers prepare their tax return for free.

This Turbo Tax Freedom Project alliance provides qualified tax payers FREE use of specific tax preparation products at no-cost. This free online tax preparation and electronic filing is intended for hard-working Americans who meet the annual eligibility requirements that are announced at the beginning of each tax season.

You may qualify for the TurboTax Freedom Project Edition if any of the following apply:

If you qualify for the Free Federal income tax filing, you may also qualify for free state return tax filing in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, GA, IA, ID, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI,


If your state does not sponsor a Free File Program, you can still prepare and file a state return within the Freedom Edition for only $14.95 (Credit card required).

If you don't qualify for the Freedom Edition, you may still be able to use the TurboTax Free Edition at no cost. >>>

 The Free File Alliance Partners with the IRS to Provide Free Online Tax Services for it's 11th year.

The Free File Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of tax software companies that are leading the industry with the Internal Revenue Service to offer free tax preparation. From its inception in 2003, Free File offers online commercial tax preparation that 70 percent of taxpayers can qualify for. This year about 100 million Americans could visit the .gov Free File site to prepare and e-file their federal income tax returns at no cost.

Free File is a great option for 70 percent of taxpayers to prepare and e-file their federal taxes. It offers a unique option that gives taxpayers access to over a dozen tax software offerings including TurboTax Freedom Edition, so tax filers may choose the one that fits their tax situation best.

TurboTax Tax SoftwareAdditionally, Free File Fillable Forms, allows taxpayers who are familiar with tax law and need no preparation assistance to prepare and file their federal taxes electronically. No income limitations allow anyone to use Free File Fillable Forms.

TurboTax Freedom Edition and other Free File Alliance members work with the IRS each year to improve the Free File network.

Taxpayers will find the program to be very user-friendly and efficient. The Free File Alliance is committed to making e-filing safe, fast and free for taxpayers. With step-by-step assistance that takes the guesswork out of tax preparation many more Americans can join the 36 million who have already used this tax service.

Taxpayers may visit the IRS website – to find a list of Free File Alliance member companies to choose one that fits their needs. There is also a “Help Me Find a Company” tool that can help you with the process. After selecting a tax software company, users are transferred to the selected company website to begine their tax preparation and electronically file their federal income tax returns. Service is also available in Spanish.

TurboTax Freedom is partnered with the Free File Alliance as a premier company that delivers consumer satisfaction throughout their line of tax software products. Other support includes the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) which is a walk-in service for moderate-to-low income taxpayers where they offer Free File software on self-assist kiosks at VITA sites in 29 states.

Through this partnership with VITA, the Free File Alliance provides e-filing services for those taxpayers who do not have access to Internet service from their home, as well as those who need support with e-filing their return.

To date, more than 36 million tax returns have been filed through IRS Free File Alliance since its inception in 2003. For more information, visit

Try the TurboTax Freedom Edition and if you don't qualify you may be a perfect candidate for the TurboTax Free Edition that is less income restrictive yet, still Free!