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TurboTax 2018 Review and Tax Preparation Checklist

TurboTax 2018 Online Tax PreparationWhile deductions are getting reigned in by the IRS, you can still benefit by taking advantage of every opportunity available to qualify for them.

The TurboTax 2018 editions are your best friend when it comes to making sure that you're applying every opportunity you can to to lower your tax bill.

With top notch TurboTax GPS Guidance you don't need to be a tax wiz to get your biggest refund.

Is TurboTax 2018 the right choice for your online federal and state income tax filing needs?

TurboTax 2018 offers an intuitive approach to your tax preparation process by going through a checklist when analyzing your data and lifestyle through an interview process. It then searches through hundreds of tax deduction opportunities to find any that can be applied to you and your occupational industry. This insures that you're taking every deduction, credit, and benefit opportunity possible to lower your overall tax liability.

TurboTax Income Tax Interview Process

TurboTax Is Up To Snuff On 2018 Tax Law Changes

There is no doubt that TurboTax 2018 tax software editions are loaded up with the new tax law changes involving the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act TCJA. With that said, I know TurboTax is always a few steps ahead of the game when it comes to providing comprehensive full service tax software that you can count on. Most of the TCJA changes introduced by the new tax bill went into effect on January 1, 2018. This in turn means that they do apply to your 2018 income tax return.

Additionally, electronic tax preparation and filing by e-file is a snap with any of the TurboTax 2018 Online tax preparation editions. These editions include:  

TurboTax Tax Preparation Documentation Checklist

TurboTax Early Tax Season Promotional Sale Prices

With the start in the 2018 tax season, TurboTax has offered their early bird discount pricing again this year. And as a TurboTax Affiliate Member, we are able to pass these savings on to you for the programs above - through the linked TurboTax promotion below.

TurboTax Online Filing Discount Prices

Filing electronically by efile is the smartest choice, and if you are expecting a tax refund, you can expect to receive your refund considerably quicker with direct deposit being made into your checking or savings account, or have your tax refund applied directly to your IRA. The federal government (IRS) processes electronic filed returns faster than ones filed on paper. You can rest assured that the IRS received your electronic filing with their confirmation email, a much more relaxing process than hoping they received your return by postal mail.

TurboTax 2018 Helps You Make Adjustments for Tax Benefits Like Deductions and Credits

With a full checklist of options, TurboTax gets you the biggest refund. The most important functions of TurboTax 2018 tax software editions are to address head on the ability to lower your income taxes as well as make tax filing easier and better. This is done by by insuring you get every tax break possible. After all, we don't need to be giving our government any more of our hard earned dollars than we are required to, right? They just dissolve it in wasteful spending anyway!

TurboTax Income and Expense Tracking

The tax preparation format for the TurboTax 2018 tax filing process is laid out its signature step-by-step easy to use interface that leads tax payer along on a leash so that they don't get lost or confused. It offers a robust tax support (knowledge base) system for addressing uncommon issued you may stumble upon.

The TurboTax’s knowledge base includes well written articles that are very focused on how information is properly entered into their software system for accuracy. Additionally, The TurboTax community of users is a help center all in itself where users collaborate to answer questions from others on some surprisingly complex issues. If you have Google tax questions in the past, you probably noticed that the TurboTax community often comes up as one of the top results.

Additionally, TurboTax offers a Tax Reform Center with helpful guidance that addresses the most common tax reform bill confusion, such as changes in the standard deduction, limitations to home mortgage and state / local tax deductions, family and dependant tax filing issues, as well as changes for self-employed tax filers.

With TurboTax 2018 products you have the option of having your tax return reviewed by a registered CPA prior to filing it with the IRS. Either way TurboTax comes with a product backing guarantee for accuracy, audit support, and a maximum refund!

TurboTax Product Guarantees

Buy TurboTax 2018 Online with our ON Sale Prices!

When you're shopping around for TurboTax 2018 products, and cost is a factor, be sure to compare the prices we have here to actual CD boxed versions from Amazon, Costco and others. What you'll find is that the our prices on the most popular format (online filing) are the best we've seen.

TurboTax has a tendency of rolling back discount prices later in the tax season so it's wise to lock in early bird savings while they're available, even if you don't plan on completing your tax return until later towards the tax filing deadline.

TurboTax Tax Software Navigation Ease Of Use

The TurboTax enhanced navigation that was introduced last year is back and re-enhanced. This easy to follow guided navigation allows prior TurboTax users to access all of their employment, personal, and tax credit information which has been saved in the software for easy import.

As changes happen every year in taxpayer lifestyles, so do their taxes. TurboTax will ask a few questions to see if you need to add additional information, or get rid of some. This helpful feature of machine learning can convert the interview process into a much shorter five or ten minute survey. New are walked through a series of easy-to-understand questions to select relevant options that apply to their life.

Users can jump from screen to screen visiting different sections using the menu at the top of the page, but they can also follow the guided mode if heir worried about getting lost of confused. TurboTax 2018 software also allows users to bookmark or flag a page that they want to go back to later so that you don't forget.

TurboTax Life Events Feature Caters To Your Needs

Once again, TurboTax is ahead of the curve for ease of use. With the life events advisor, TurboTax insures that all the special tinkering's in your life are addressed to insure every tax advantage is take. Got kids? married? Medical and Education expenses? they all have a possible opportunity to save you some cash. Whether you're a company employee or self-employed, you will appreciate the ease with which TurboTax insures a pleasant tax filing experience.