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TurboTax 2017

2017 TurboTax Online Tax Preparation SoftwareHere it is tax season again, and time to ponder the benefits of tax deductions and what additional ones we can claim over the coming year that we haven't in the past.

Today it's more important than ever to use the best top quality tax programs available like TurboTax 2017 to insure we are taking advantage of every tax break possible.

With the ever changing tax laws and our governments idiocies and greed fueling our cumbersome and confusing tax law system, it's harder than ever to keep up to date on all the changes that take place from year to year.

Fortunately you don't have to. With TurboTax 2017 tax software editions you simply let the tax program do all the work for you. TurboTax updates it's online editions as tax laws change, and updates for desktop software are accessible as downloads.

This Years TurboTax 2017 Products Line Includes:

TurboTax 2017 Free Edition

TurboTax Federal Free Edition has no income restriction. It is designed for simple tax returns and tax filers that don’t need extra tax guidance. It is a great way to prepare and file your tax return for free.

TurboTax Free Edition is online tax preparation that help you search for all the tax credits you’re eligible and helps you get the biggest refund possible, guaranteed.

TurboTax Basic CD or Download

TurboTax Basic Federal + E-file 2017

Choose TurboTax Basic if any of the following scenarios apply to your income tax filing situation:

  • You file a simple 1040EZ or other basic tax return

  • You own your home outright and don’t have a mortgage

  • You are renting your residential residence

Use TurboTax Basic Online Edition

Learn more about TurboTax Basic

TurboTax Deluxe CD or Download

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + E-file 2017

Choose TurboTax Deluxe if any of the following apply to you:

  • You own your home and have a mortgage

  • You made charitable contributions and donations

  • You had significant medical or educational expenses

  • You want to maximize your deductions

  • You want to deduct childcare expenses

Use TurboTax Deluxe Online Edition

Learn more about TurboTax Deluxe

TurboTax Premier CD or Download

TurboTax Premier Federal + E-file 2017

Choose the more robust TurboTax Premier edition if you:

  • Sold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or options for an employee stock plan

  • You own investments or rental properties

  • You are the (recipient a K-1 form) or are the beneficiary of an estate or trust

Use TurboTax Premier Online Edition

Learn more about TurboTax Premier

TurboTax Home Business CD or Download

TurboTax Home & Business Federal + E-file 2017

Choose TurboTax Home & Business edition for the following:

  • Your a single-member LLC, sole-proprietor, consultant or 1099 contractor

  • You receive self-employment or a side job income

  • You prepare W-2 or 1099's for employees / contractors

  • You need to prepare personal and business tax returns

Use TurboTax Home + Business Online Edition

Learn more about TurboTax Home and Business

TurboTax Business Download 

TurboTax Business Federal + E-file 2017

TurboTax Business covers your federal income tax return for business tax filing forms, including:

  • (Form 1120S) S Corporations

  • (Form 1120) C Corporations

  • (Form 1065) Partnerships

  • (Form 1065) Multi-Member LLCs

  • (Form 1041) Estates and Trusts

TurboTax Business is a great choice if your small business:

  • Is a  multi-member LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, or partnership

  • Generates revenue less than $250,000

  • Employs fewer than five people

Use TurboTax 2017 for the best top of the line tax law support.

TurboTax never sleeps when it comes to tax law changes. They continuously update their software as needed with the latest tax codes to insure your tax return is not penalized for incorrect data to to outdated tax law software calculations.

Now we all know what a farce our government is when it comes to unfair tax laws and tax benefits for the rich, so it should come as no surprise that the tax code is manipulated on a regular basis. Make sure your software is up-to-date to avoid penalties and interest.

Why Should You Buy TurboTax 2017 for Your Tax Preparation?

With the new tax season in play it's easy to get stressed out about the task ahead, but, there's no need for panic if you have the right weapon in your arsenal. Making the right choice in tax software will certainly help you simplify the tax preparation process.

The TurboTax 2017 product line covers all the basis, and comes with rave reviews as the top selling tax software on the market today, a ranking they've held for decades.

So why should you choose TurboTax for preparing your taxes this year? TurboTax is the most comprehensive and #1 best-selling tax preparation software on the market. It is also a cost-effective tool versus tax professional fees. that can put a big dent in our wallet.

With TurboTax, calculations are 100% guaranteed accurate and you are guaranteed to get the BIGGEST refund possible. Also, TurboTax allows you to complete your taxes anytime day or night at your own pace. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of you own home.

TurboTax Computer Desktop Download or CD Installation Software

TurboTax Desktop Tax Software

The TurboTax 2017 product line offers the most cost-effective tax preparation solution on the market today.

There's really no good reason not to buy TurboTax 2017 tax products for preparing your return this tax season.

Without a doubt, it beats paying a tax professional hundreds of dollars to do what you can do yourself from your own home.

As the most comprehensive and dependable tax software on the market, the stats should sell you all by themselves. Truth is, TurboTax dominates the tax software sales every year as more consumers return as repeat customers to use their software over and over again.

TurboTax is easy to use and very accurate thanks to the error checking that continually monitors your return for errors. It also includes an Audit Risk Meter, which identifies and red flags entries that commonly trigger audits from the IRS. This give you a chance to review them and make changes that will reduce your risk of being audited.

Another nice feature is how your results are presented in real-time on each page as you progress so you can see how big your refund is as you complete your return.

All of the proper forms are filled in for you, so all you need to do is print and mail or, e-file them which can get you your refund super fast when you choose direct deposit into your bank account.

If you haven't yet discovered the secret to easily and affordably preparing your taxes, it's time to try the TurboTax 2017 product line and see how you can save more money that ever before on your tax return preparation, and get you biggest refund.

TurboTax Software Comparison Chart

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2017 Specialized Military Support with TurboTax Tax Software

TurboTax released a Military Edition that will help military members complete and file there returns in 2017. This tax software was designed specifically for military personal, and is the first product of it's king aimed at supporting our troops!

If you have served in the military, you know how complicated military benefits can be to discover and claim. Service member base pay along with a variety of nontaxable pay and benefits can make tax preparation confusing even to tax wise filers.

Managing BAS, BAH incentive pay, and tax free combat zone pay is a much easier process to manage with software  that was designed for that purpose. BAS is a rate based on the service member only and not intended to cover spouses or family members. Effective January 1, 2017, all proper status enlisted military personal draw a full monthly BAS rate of $352.27, $242.60 for Officers. Service members drawing BAS pay are financially responsible for their own food and meals, even if it is provided by the government.

Military 2017 BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) Rates

BAH Rates for 2017 are effective as of January 1, 2017. Active duty service members will encounter a BAH average rate increase of 3.8%, or $60 for Basic Housing Allowance.

The original 2017 proposed BAH increase was at 4.2% so the final rate is slightly lower than what was anticipated. Never the less, it a big change compared to the 2% rate that was standard for 2012 making it much better for military taxation this year.

Note: Individual rate protection exists for service members against any decrease, and only newly reporting members will receive the lower BAH rate.

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 was passed by the House Committee on Armed Services.

When you add all this up, it can make for one fairly complicated tax return!

Fortunately TurboTax Military Edition handles the complexities that many of our service members face with tax preparation.

Active duty military service members who encounter a drop in BAH for their locality will have their BAH rate protected, with "individual rate protection," that was adopted by Congress more than a decade ago. Those who live in areas that see a BAH increase will enjoy a bump in paycheck income.

You can use this Free BAH Calculator (Basic Allowance For Housing), to calculate allowance.

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Step-By-Step Guidance


TurboTax offers a step-by-step format that guides you along like a GPS from start to finish. It is designed to make tax preparation and filing a snap for anyone, including those with no tax preparation or tax law knowledge at all.


TurboTax Free Online Edition



350+ Tax Deductions


With TurboTax you get tax software that is designed to get you every tax deduction you can qualify to receive.


TurboTax software searches through hundreds of tax deductions to insure you get every tax benefit possible to increase your refund or lower your tax bill.

TurboTax Maximum Deductions

Many Americans overlook tax deductions and credits every year and fail to get the most money back they can. Don't let that happen to you this year...


Maximum Refund Guarantee


TurboTax Guarantees you the maximum refund as they proclaim that if you get a larger refund or smaller tax amount due from any other tax preparation method, they will refund the applicable TurboTax or SnapTax federal and/or state purchase price you paid.


TurboTax Online Federal Free Edition customers are entitled to payment of $14.95 and a refund of your state tax software purchase price you paid.


Claims must be submitted within a sixty (60) day period from your TurboTax or SnapTax filing date and no later than June 17th.


Guaranteed Accurate Calculations


TurboTax also offers a 100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee. If you pay an IRS or state penalty or interest due to a TurboTax calculation error, they will reimburse you the penalty and interest charged that was levied against you.


TurboTax Review Summary


Now I'm not a brainiac when it come to tax laws and tax preparation knowledge, but with the proper equipment anything is easy right? Well that's what I found with TurboTax  when filing my return using it for the first time years ago.


Fact is, your responsibility when using these products is just simply to enter data about your life's situation like, are you married?, did you change jobs?, do you have educational or medical expenses?, did you make charitable contribution donations?, do you have kids or dependents you care for?


Just answer the questions and let the software do the rest, it's that easy!


TurboTax Military Edition


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